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Standard Ship Repair Services

Founded in 2016, Standard Ship Repair (SSR) has grown from offering Non-destructive Testing Services and Welding to now accommodating full service boat and ship repairs. Our Services extend to Building Construction, Aerospace, Bridge, Pipeline, Manufacturing and Fabrication industries for government and commercial entities.


Non-Destructive Testing

Our field NDT Level II and Level III inspectors are certified to current ASNT Standards.

Our NDT procedures in Visual Testing (VT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Testing (MT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) are approved to NAVSEA and AMSE requirements and standards.


Offering mechanical and electrical welding services, SSR ensures strong and reliable connections for various structures and components.


Our expert mechanical services encompass precision welding, structural repairs, and machinery maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity of industrial equipment and structures.


With a skilled team of electrical specialists, we offer comprehensive electrical solutions, including installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of electrical systems, ensuring safety and efficiency in your operations.

Equipment Flushes

Providing specialized cleaning services for equipment, ensuring proper maintenance and efficient operation.

Coatings, Insulation, and Lagging

Applying protective coatings and installing insulation and lagging materials to enhance performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Staffing Agency

SSR is equipped to contract and outsource specialized teams for projects, allowing clients to access skilled personnel without the burden of maintaining an in-house workforce.

Marine Chemist Services

Our Marine Chemist Services provide meticulous inspections and testing of confined spaces on marine vessels and structures, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and mitigating potential hazards associated with hazardous atmospheres, gases, and chemicals.

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